Ambint - Studio for Visual Computing


Ambint is a startup company for research and development of visual computing systems, including automated video analysis, visual data mining, visualization, animation, and mixed reality. Ambint was a winner of NASA SBIR Phase I award for Visual Data Mining Toolkit in 2007.


NASA, NOAA, GM, and Virtual Reality Medical Center.


Perceptive Agents

We are devloping a vision system that can detect human activities in on-board videos. The technology enables the vehicle to transfer the video only triggered by predefined features or events.

Human Detection from a Vehicle

3D Object Reconstruction

We are working with scientists and artists from Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, to develop a digital 3D reconstrcuted village in Kazakhstan that is 5,550 years old. Our work include 3D reconstructed human head from a skull, 3D digital village of Botai, and 3D reconstructed engraved bone.

Reconstructed 3D Head Model from the Ancient Skull

Educational Games

We have developed a virtual reality game for children to explore biological interactions by role-playing "characters" such as cells and molecules or as an observer in a "shielded vessel", both with the option of networked collaboration between simultaneous users.

Local Preschool Students Played BioSim


Dr. Yang Cai, Director

8720 East Barkhurst Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
412-225-7885 (phone) (email)